Reverse Mortgages: Retirement Planning Tool

San Gabriel Valley Tribune Reverse Mortgage Article from September 26th, 2013 Here is an article that made it into the San Gabriel Valley Tribune on September 26, 2013. For more information on Reverse Mortgages and my upcoming Workshops please give me a call at 909-524-8713 or contact me. Please enjoy. Phil    

FHA Reverse Mortgage Changes are a Mixed Bag

Here is an article from Reverse Mortgage Daily Enjoy, PG

Reverse Mortgage Changes are a Mixed Bag, Lenders Say

By Elizabeth Ecker

In its announcement of long-anticipated changes to the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage program, the Department of Housing and Urban Development has stated its initiative to shore up its insurance fund and make reverse mortgages safer for borrowers.

Short term, estimates that reduce the amount borrowers can access by around 15% as well as a financial assessment overlay that will restrict access to some senior homeowners have raised serious concerns among lenders with respect to the future of the program and the “new” future borrower.

What is a reverse mortgage? By Phil Goss, Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional

What is a reverse mortgage? By Phil Goss, Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional Phil is a CRMP, NMLS#162804 and has been in the industry for 16 years and in finance since 1971. He has been able to help 600 plus families with a revere mortgage and to “Age in Place”. This is the second of a

Reverse Mortgage Traditional Use

Found this article on the use of a credit line in a reverse mortgage. If you any questions please let me know. Enjoy!   February 27th, 2012  |  by Elizabeth Ecker Published in News, Reverse Mortgage Two researchers proved through analysis published in February that a reverse mortgage credit line can lead to “substantially greater cash flow survival probabilities”